quoteI have to say, that Jutaky has been a god-send. He helped me with my sites when I owned PTR sites, making many plugins and writing scripts for me so that my sites were unique in the PTR world. He is my 'go to' guy when I have a problem and he has never failed me. He has even helped me, all the way from Finland, to get a terrible virus off of my home computer. It is not unusual for him to spend hours and hours working with a customer on a problem, if that is what it takes. I will always refer him to anyone that I talk with that wants something special for their site or even if it is just a small problem. Thanks Jutaky

Constance Harrison

quoteOn several occasions Jutaky gave me great help and support while I stumbled around trying to deal with script issues beyond my very limited php comprehension. His endless patience to explain the - to me - unexplainable never seizes to amaze me. On top of that, and of course most importantly, his plugins are great and if there is a problem he always has a solution that works. I can wholeheartedly recommend both Jutaky and his work.

Afke Krikke (Esperanza)
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